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    Becoming a foreign language teacher

    There is a great demand for foreign language teachers and it is a very rewarding profession to have! Today we are going to look at ways to becoming a foreign language teacher. What are you waiting for? Let’s jump right in!


    Choose the language & do a course

    The first step is to choose which language you desire to teach. This may be your native language or a foreign language that you’ve previously learnt.

    When you have decided the target language, you need to reflect on your level of fluency in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing as these are the core skills that you will be teaching your students.

    You don’t need to be at an advanced level to teach a language yet you will need to at least be at an intermediate level in order to teach at a beginners level.

    There are courses you can do to improve your level of language skills. Here are my highly recommended online language courses:


    Improving in any language:


    italki offers lessons based on your goals and interests. It offers one-one lessons in 24 languages such as English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Turkish and more… You pay per lesson and there are over 10,000 native teachers ready to help you progress in your language learning. Check out the language courses ==>HERE<==


    Improving Spanish:

    Spanish VIP

    Spanish VIP offer 3 programs; Starter (1 month), Conversational (3 months) and Fluency (6 months). Their teachers are native Spanish speakers who are fantastic at helping students progress confidently in their Spanish learning. They offer a free trial lesson and brilliant discounted rates. You can read my review & further info ==>HERE<== or to go straight to the site click ==>HERE<==


    Improving Hebrew/Japanese    /Russian:


    LinguaLift specialise in Hebrew, Japanese and Russian. They offer a free first lesson and promise to help their students learn in an engaging way without the use of ‘boring lectures’. To find out more info click ==>HERE<==


    4 key decisions

    It’s important to think about these 4 key decisions; the age group, which level you want to teach, where you want to teach and which course you want to do.

    1. The age group you want to teach e.g. children, teenagers or adults will determine the teaching course you do.
    2. Think about which level you want to teach; beginners, intermediate or advanced, again this will impact on the teacher training that you do.
    3. Where you want to teach is an important aspect of your decision-making. Do you want to tutor (online/at students’ home) or teach online/at an educational establishment? This will help you with researching which teaching course is right for you or required in order to teach.
    4. The course you decide to take is vital as it will open the door to where you can teach and whether you need to have prior teaching experience and/or an undergraduate degree.

    For example, you may decide to teach EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and desire to work online or abroad. The great thing about doing this field of work is that you can train online for a great price with a TEFL company & you will not need previous teaching experience or a degree to do so . I highly recommend  TEFL UK. You can use this certification to teach online or at many educational establishments worldwide.


    TEFL UK ==> Use this code AB8741FB to get your 10% discount on any courses

    TEFL UK is an accredited company which specialises in training adults to become certified English teachers. They offer a range of courses, the minimum hours required to become recognised worldwide as a TEFL teacher is 120 hours.

    You can read my review & find further info ==>HERE<== or go straight to the site ==>HERE<==


     Bonus tip: Get experience

    If you want to teach in an educational establishment, it’s advisable to gain experience (minimum of 2 weeks) of volunteering in a school/college. This is because this experience will give you an insight into what it is like to work in a classroom environment.

    You can start by observing lessons and assisting the teacher and then ask if you are able to do a short lesson and gain feedback.

    While at the establishment, take the opportunity to ask the educators questions about planning, school policies, teaching methods etc. To get advice on capturing children’s attention in a classroom read my article ==>HERE<==

    If you have any questions/need advise leave a comment below. If you decide to do any of these courses mentioned, let us know how you are getting on, we’d love to hear from you!

    All the best in becoming a foreign language teacher!

    There is power in languages.

    Charlene | powerinlanguages.com


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    Spanish VIP review

    Online learning

    Learning Spanish online is a fantastic way to increase your confidence in the language and your fluency level! It is more enjoyable and interactive and provides you with the opportunity to learn at a faster rate than the use of apps or books. Here is our review of Spanish VIP…

    Organisation: Spanish VIP

    Levels offered: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

    Packages: Starter, Conversational  & Fluency

    Pricing: Free trial $0, (Discounted rates) Starter $199 (-20%), Conversational $299 (33%), Fluency $499 (-44%)

    Payment options: PayPal or credit/debit card

    Number of lessons per package: Unlimited

    Duration of lessons: 1 hour per lesson

    Applications used: Zoom/Skype

    Teachers: 27 + Trained Native Spanish speakers

    Rating:   4.6 Excellent check them here

    Spanish VIP

    Spanish VIP is an educational company which specialises in teaching Spanish in a fun and interactive way online to both adults and children.

    They offer a unique, effective curriculum tailored to suit your needs with dedicated teachers who are trained to help fast track your Spanish language learning.

    Additional to the lessons, Spanish VIP offers free resources such as their Easy Spanish Shortcuts PDF and provide students with resources after the lessons to practise what they learnt.

    Sign up!

    Sign up rating: 5/5

    Signing up to Spanish VIP is an easy process! I signed up to do a free trial lesson. I selected the time that was suitable to my schedule and was swiftly emailed. I was asked questions prior to the scheduled lesson of my interests and fluency level which I found very helpful to reflect on my learning. Shortly after, I was emailed by my teacher, introducing herself and welcoming me to the company.

    Free trial lesson!

    Free trial rating: 5/5

    I was so excited about the lesson, I had questions ready to research more about Spanish VIP. I was met by Angie who was incredibly friendly and made me feel very welcomed and comfortable! She noticed very quickly that I was above the level of language proficiency I had stated which made me very confident.

    Angie showed a vast amount of clear, colourful resources available for a range of levels, she explained these are then shared with the student after the lesson. We conversed in both Spanish and English and then had our lesson on the uses of ‘para y por’. Angie answered all my questions and the trial free lesson was so effective and enjoyable that both my husband & I signed up for the 6 months Fluency level!

    Interested in signing up and checking it out for yourself? Sign up << HERE>>.


    Choose a package!

    Package rating: 5/5

    There is a choice of a three packages; Starter, Conversational and Fluency. The Starter package is a monthly package with a dedicated teacher, a free lesson included, money back guarantee and no contract.

    The Conversational package will save you $150 and is the most popular package. It is for 3 months, includes unlimited lessons with a dedicated teacher, money back guarantee and you can try different tutors, there’s no contract.

    *At the time of writing this (15/09/2020) there is a special offer of a whole month free with the Conversational package (offer ends soon). 

    The Fluency package saves you $215, it is a 6 month course with a dedicated teacher. As clear as the title states, it is designed for those aiming to progress to a level of fluency. This program includes a free lesson,  unlimited lessons, you are able to try different teachers, there’s no contract and you are provided with coursework.

    “A different language is a different vision of life”

    Frederico Fellini 

    We chose the Fluency package which is the 6 months package deal, saving us 44% off the original price. This is a brilliant deal!

    The team at Spanish VIP made a great effort to find a teacher to cater for our language level,  interests. with an availability for our schedule of hourly lessons 5 days a week 

    We were very impressed after meeting our teacher Jesús, he is amazing! He like Angie made us feel comfortable, gave lots of praise as well as helping us correct any mispronunciations. We were pleased to discover he had similar interests (clearly due to the efforts to find a suitable teacher) and tailored our lessons to suit our needs. Lessons involve all key skills needed for language learning; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each lesson has a central theme and the use of varied resources such as images, text and videos.

    We were amazed how quickly we progressed even after the first lesson! We found ourselves speaking with each other more frequently in Spanish and it’s great that we were always challenged and found ourselves excited about our learning journey.

    ¡Spanish VIP es absolutamente fantástico!

    Spanish VIP is fantastic! The efforts made to ensure students progress in a fun, tailor made method with a high level of professionalism at an unbeatable price makes it a no-brainer to take part!

    The communication is great at Spanish VIP, there is always someone available to respond to any questions and point you in the right direction. We found all of the team to be positive and professional.

    There are no cons we can think of, Spanish VIP has a 97% satisfaction rate which is close to perfection from a multitude of students. The lessons are very enjoyable and worth every dollar (and this is from personal experience)! We highly recommend them!

    Try your free trial lesson or sign up  with  <<Spanish VIP HERE>>.

    To your success in Spanish learning!

    Charlene | powerinlanguages.com


    Legal Disclaimer

    Any links in this post are affiliate associated, meaning as the owner of this website I will get a small commission & you will get a great deal by using the link in this site. It’s a win- win situation! For more information read here: Affiliate Disclosure

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    From a worker to a business woman – you can achieve it!

    Business offices
    Starting your own business is a phenomenal step to becoming your own boss, discovering new skills and eventually gain more freedom. We are going to delve into the experience of a fantastic business woman Patricia McLeod, founder of Rise! Empowerment and GEE Betty.

    We are going to explore the challenges women face worldwide with entrepreneurship and encourage you to overcome any barriers wherever you live! Here at Power In Languages, we believe the sky is not even a limit, it’s your mind that limits you.

    Interview with Ms Patricia McLeod

    Pat McLeod

    Patricia McLeod has a wealth of experience and has woven in her passion for helping local communities in London as well as using an array of skills from public speaking, career coaching to empowering youth safety and fashion design

    “Recognise the potential in yourself!”

    The first step in starting a business is the realisation that you are bigger/greater than what you are currently settling for. Patricia McLeod shares her experience from a worker to a business woman.

    Q: What motivated you to start your business?

    A perfect stranger saw the potential in me and told me that I could do it. Until then, I had not even considered business to be within my realm of capability. This was a possibility I had not recognised in myself before.

    I worked for Jobcentre Plus for many years, initially starting as an AA (Admin Assistant) then eventually being promoted up to Acting Job Centre Manager at Edmonton II JCP.

    One day I was called to a meeting where the Main Manager and Senior Management team were in discussion with a private consultant about a project to establish a training centre called ‘’The Ark’ in Enfield. I had been called across to answer the consultants ‘operational questions as the Manager and her team were unable to do so.

    At the end of the meeting, the Consultant asked me to step outside to give him directions to another part of the borough. This turned out to be a rouze for him to speak to me in private for as we stepped outside and I began to give him directions he dropped his case on the floor and with a concerned look on his face he interrupted “What are you doing there?”

    “Pardon” I replied confused about what he meant. He said “I saw what was going on, I noted the dynamic of the situation and I am telling you that you don’t belong there. I just want to recognise you are worth more than this, you’re too good for this place!”

    Within 4 weeks of him saying that, I resigned. I was ‘head-hunted’ by a private company who had seen me deliver some ‘Group Work Focused Sessions’ they basically offered me a position as an Employment Consultant.

    After working there for some time, the company experienced a downturn in business; sadly, I was made redundant as a result. This was devastating.

    When my youngest child noticed I was not going out to work as usual he became worried that we would not have enough money to live on.

    He asked me “Mum, are we going to be made homeless? Am I going to get any dinners next week? Will we have to go and sleep in the park?

    My heart sank, I had not realised he had taken on board my fears about making ends meet. This brought a tear to my eye, I hugged him and made a promise to him that he would always have a bed to sleep in and always have dinner.

    The words that the consultant said came flooding back’; “What are you doing here? You are worth more than this!” I decided to start my business and within two weeks I landed a lucrative contract to run a Job club at Haringey Primary Care Trust.

    He saw me as more than what I thought of myself

    Q: How do you remember feeling that day when the Consultant said those words?

    I was stunned, shocked. I was constantly being used by the senior management team to contribute ideas. They had rolled out the initiatives I developed nationally because they had enabled them to exceed targets and generate a significant amount of income.

    I had been waiting to be recognised for my contributions. I did not realise that people like me could run a business. He planted a seed, he saw me as more than what I thought of myself.

    Rise! Empowerment

    Q: How did you come up with your business?

    I thought about how people were disadvantaged in the community and how they were not being given real solutions to access employment. I decided that I would use my knowledge and experiences to empower them to ‘Rise’, kind of like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

    Back then, Rise stood for Raise Income by Securing Employment, it has now evolved to Resilience, Innovation, Skills and Enterprise.

    The ethos of RISE is to empower people to utilise their natural talents and teach them the skills they need to become employed if they wish to do so.

    Q: Would you recommend doing a business plan?

    Yes, It is very important to have a plan although it does not have to be a traditional one. Write what you want your future to be, so you can step into it!

    Define what service you want to deliver. Who is your target audience? Do the research, create an avatar of the person you are trying to reach so you can develop relevant solutions and market effectively.

    Words have power, they can vibrate on a frequency, that creates.

    When you write things down, it increases the possibility of you achieving it by 43%. That is before you have even taken any action.

    When you start a business chances are you may not get the support from the people you thought would support you. It is important to manage this by positively affirming yourself to increase your ability to achieve it.

    Q: Are there any recommendations of companies that can help with business loans?

    I have never had a business loan therefore cannot give any advice about that. I worked and saved the funds to meet my business start-up and expenses. I wanted to have autonomy over myself and empower other people.

    Everything leads to everything else

    Everyone has their tribe

    Q: How did you advertise your business?

    I advertised my business through word of mouth. I reached out to contacts made when working. I also set up free Job clubs in the community settings to raise awareness. This enabled me to establish a residency at a Library in Haringey; I quickly gained a contract with the NHS.

    Q: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start a business?

    Believe in yourself even when no one else believes in you.

    Everything happens for a reason, although things and times may be challenging, all the pivotal moments in your life journey got you where you are today. You can utilise the lessons learned during these moments to drive your business, attract clients and create the future you want for yourself.

    You are unique; there is no other like you. Do not worry if others are delivering the same or similar business as you. Their journey is not the same as yours; they cannot offer the service in the same way. You will attract who resonates with you.

    Step into your future by deciding what you want, close your eyes and envisage what it feels like. Ask yourself how you got there? Retrace your steps and before you know it whatever you have envisaged will be with you.

    “Just do it! there are no wrong decisions as everything leads to everything else’.

    Thank you for sharing your wise advice and business journey with us! 

    To connect with Ms Patricia McLeod you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

    Opportunities for women worldwide in business

    ‘All over the world, discriminatory laws continue to threaten women’s economic security, career growth, and work–life balance. Such barriers to employment and entrepreneurship at every stage of life limit equality of opportunity, creating a business environment that does not adequately support working women.’ David R. Malpass, President of Women, Business and the Law 2020

    It is 2020 and it has been a challenging year for many worldwide, some have lost jobs, had to rely on income support, anxiety has been on the increase.

    Discriminatory laws have been a hindrance to women globally yet with varying factors for example in richer countries there are higher opportunities for women.

    Yet do not despair as there are plenty of women breaking away from limitations and starting a business has fluctuated.

    There are companies that are fighting discriminatory laws and supporting and awarding women who start businesses. Here is a list of some organisations, click the organisations to find out more:

    Some sub- continents:

    Note: If you need financial advice on how to start a business, check out Money Saving Expert.

    There are ways of raising money for your business such as fundraising online. Make sure you are clear that it is to aid your business. Another way is to save money while you are working. You can also research sponsorship depending on the type of business you are going to start, you may get support without needing any loan.

    Remember you can do your own business, you need to picture yourself doing it and write your goals. What steps do you need to take to achieve it?

    If you need any further advice on building your business, feel free to contact us at info@powerinlanguages.com and leave us a comment below to tell us how it’s going for you!

    With an empowered, renewed mindset you too can achieve success!

    Charlene | Power In Languages





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    Benefits of learning the Spanish language

    Spanish lady

    ¡Hola y bienvenido!

    You have been thinking about learning Spanish and may be wondering what the benefits are…

    In this post we are going to take a journey on the benefits of learning Spanish by telling you our experience. Welcome aboard!

    Why learn Spanish?

    There are so many benefits to learning Spanish. According to El pais there are over 572 million Spanish speakers! Spanish is spoken in over 22 countries, this means there are so many places you can travel to and practise!

    Spanish is known as one of the romantic language and it sounds absolutely beautiful!

    As Spanish takes its roots in Latin, you will find many similar words to the English language! Spanish is phonetic so it makes it easier to read in comparison to many other languages.

    Spanish is a popular language in its rise of telenovellas on Netflix and its surge in reggaetón fans!Spanish has a vibrant culture full of life, music, siestas and fiestas!

    Learning Spanish will help you pick up other languages rapidly such as Italian or Portuguese!

    Interested in tips on learning Spanish? Read our article << HERE >>

    Learning Spanish is popular on social media

    There are a variety of popular Spanish groups & pages across social media platforms, this is a huge opportunity to network, practise Spanish, ask questions, learn and make friends!

    I’d always recommend learning Spanish with a native speaker born & raised in a Spanish speaking country.

    Through all the company social pages I’ve come across which teach languages, a company that truly stands out as unique & I highly recommend is Spanish VIP.

    They tailor lessons specifically to suit your needs whether it be for working, speaking with friends, for travel purposes or just learning Spanish (because it’s a beautiful language).

    They even offer a free Spanish trial lesson run by native Spanish teachers! It’s an hour long lesson via Skype/Zoom which will give you an idea of how a typical lesson will go. In fact you’d be surprised how much you’ll learn in the first lesson!

    I even tried it out as part of my research on Spanish learning and was very impressed with the teacher Angie who is one of 30 dedicated teachers. She answered all my questions and even send me what I learnt so I could look over it as many times as I wish. In addition she offered to remain in contact if I needed any future support.

    To get your free trial << CLICK HERE>>

    I promise it will be worth every minute! (Thank me later!)

    Some popular Facebook groups like Spanish♥Español learning have over 8K members, the dedicated admin gives challenges and activities to encourage Spanish learning.

    There are groups where you can do a language exchange like the group Spanish/English Language Exchange with over 55K members, a brilliant way to enhance your learning as well as teach!

    If you are on social media, search for a Spanish group or page and actively take part!

    My learning Spanish journey

    I self-taught myself some basic Spanish as a child. This stemmed from developing a keen interest in the language from visiting relatives in Spain.

    I used books and dual language dictionaries to learn basic words & phrases. I also tried reading magazines & tried practicing with my Spanish friend who lived nearby.

    During my role as a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Coordinator I taught Spanish to hundreds of students in the UK. Teaching it helped me progress in understanding & speaking it as I had to go back to the basics, learn the correct pronunciation & then teach it. I also had to communicate with Spanish parents & children who didn’t speak much English. This encouraged me to take learning Spanish more seriously.

    There are several methods that both my husband & I have used to learn Spanish. We decided to learn it for various reasons, the main one was for our love of the language & the culture.

    Both our passion for Spanish accelerated when we decided to take a sabbatical in a Spanish country & later move abroad. We wanted to learn it fluently and quickly. We began to use language apps, watch Spanish shows & listen to Spanish music more. We also started reading Spanish learning books, articles & short texts suggested by course leaders when we did an online course.

    While we were abroad we made every effort to interact with locals which was very beneficial. Once we moved abroad, we had to interact with estate agents, local authorities, bank workers and a fiscal councilor for residency, property purchases, banking and taxes. We often practised speaking with each other before meetings and used translating apps to find essential vocabulary.

    Once we started our business we then had to communicate more frequently with our fiscal councillor in written Spanish as well as customers. This has been a fantastic challenge and experience for us! We have developed so much in Spanish and will continue to explore its benefits till the end…

    Now it’s your turn! Tell us in the comments which benefits you have found learning Spanish or look forward to!


    Charlene | powerinlanguages.com